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Yall, why dont you come on in, drag up a chair, and sit a spell. You never know what you might find on this page. Our inventory is constantly changing. It is always unique, and reflects our interests here in Yadkin County. It is a place we hope you will visit often. Click on the underlined words to visit interesting places, and check out our inventory of a wide variety of items.



♀♂- My Genealogy and Family History. Several of my family histories and genealogies are found here, including Bryant, Casstevens, Creson, Harding, Patterson, Speer, and others.


- My Books This page lists all my currently available books, and how to get autographed copies. These include six books on the Civil War, one about some Piedmont area and local crimes (some unsolved mysteries), and another on folklore and ghost stories.


* Historic Places and Natural Sites of Yadkin County Go to this site for information on some of Yadkin Countys places of interest, both man-made and natural, plus structures and places on the National Register of Historic Buildings and Sites.


Revised July 30, 2007